6 Ways to Beat Cabin Fever This Winter


For most of us (especially here in the Midwest) it's the doldrums of winter. The holidays have passed, and with them, the joy of a snowfall and the anticipation of something to look forward to. Now we're in the long, cold haul to spring and it can feel brutal.

If you're feeling stir-crazy while you're stuck inside, this is for you! Here are our 6 favorite ways to beat cabin fever and regain your sanity during these long winter months. (Spoiler alert: almost all of them involve acting like a little kid again).

Make a blanket fort.

Odds are you've been listlessly camped out on your couch or in your bed like a normal adult human being. This weekend, mix it up by creating a blanket fort like you used to when you were little. Add blankets, pillows, string lights, snacks and plenty of hot cocoa. Toss in a laptop for movie marathons and get back to feeling like a kid again. 

Have a dance party.

The best way to instantly feel happier and less lethargic is to get moving (Elle Woods wasn't wrong about those endorphins people!). If you're just feeling blah, crank up some of your favorite upbeat tunes and dance like nobody's watching. 

Invite friends for a slumber party.

If you've been going crazy feeling isolated and alone all winter, it's time to invite some friends over. Too gross to go anywhere outside the house? Have a good old fashioned slumber party. Maybe mix it in with the blanket fort idea and go to town. Get snacks, drinks, rom-coms, cute pajamas, etc. Make sure to eat way too much sugar and stay up way too late for the full effect.

Have a snowball fight.

Been inside too long, thinking it's too cold and snowy to do anything outdoors? Think again, my friend. A little snow wouldn't have stopped 10-year-old you! Grab some pals and plenty of winter layers and have a snowball fight! Don't forget to warm up with a fire and some hot cocoa afterwards.

Read that book you told everyone you already read.

If you're constantly stuck in a cycle of scrolling the same social media feeds over and over again, feeling more and more bummed out, then it's time to unplug for a little while. Pick up that book you've been dying to read (or the one you told everyone you'd already read, we won't tell) and get to it! Your mind will feel clearer for not staring at a screen and soon you'll be off on an adventure to some faraway land. Nothing like some fictional escapism to fight off the winter blues!

Learn to bake a new recipe.

Listen, everyone loves baked goods. Especially during the winter. And nothing is more fun than the feeling of knowing you created said baked goods by hand and now get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Find a recipe on Pinterest (or ask your mom or grandma to bust out the family cookbook) and bake up a storm!

The winter months can be long and boring, but the secret to beating cabin fever is finding joy in the little things, like you did when you were younger. Take heart - it will be spring soon enough!


Yes I LOVE all of these ideas! Slumber parties are so much fun – I’ll have to add one to my to-do list this month.

xoxo, Cecilia // sunnysidececilia.com

Cecilia January 15, 2019

These are such fun tips!

Molly January 15, 2019

This is such a cute post!!! You look adorable.


Samantha January 15, 2019

These are all so fun! Love trying new recipes this time of year.

xx, Danielle

D January 15, 2019

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